Toritetsu's particularity - YAKITORI -


~ Rakumi Chicken ~

Vegetarian chickens are fed diligently with feed strengthened with Vitamin E, which is not contained in animal-derived protein. We are proud of our chicken meat, which is safe, delicious, and packed with vegetable nutrients.
*Rakumidori has been registered as a trademark and fulfills our company’s raw ingredient standards.

Miso Sauce

Morita bean-miso-making is a traditional natural brewing process. At Morita’s Kosugaya factory on the Chita Peninsula in Aichi Prefecture, there is a natural brewing factory where bean miso is fermented and aged in casks. Handled with the utmost care, these casks date as far back as the Edo period  [1603-1868]and have been repaired over and over again.  Harnessing the strength of microbes that have long inhabited the casks, the bean miso produced slow fermenting and aging over time in pace with the seasons is highly flavorful, with an excellent color and aroma.

Special Sauce

This special sauce is created by effectively blending granulated sugar with authentic sweet rice wine characterized by a deep natural sweetness and made utilizing sake wine-making techniques cultivated over 350 years, together with Shodojima’s prize authentically-brewed top grade soy sauce, which is carefully crafted from strictly selected soy beans and wheat, meeting the three important conditions of perfectly clear color, rich flavor, and fragrant aroma.


~ soy sauce ~

Marukin Shoyu Co., Ltd. was established on Shodojima, an island with a mild climate similar to that of Europe’s Mediterranean region, which is blessed with beautiful oceans and bright sunlight. Built in 1907, the natural brewing factory is a soy sauce brewery with a history spanning more than a century and has been designated by the national government as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Natural Salt

~ Natural Salt ~

We use Toritetsu’s Original Salt, a unique blend of salts gathered from the five continents of the Earth. Natural rock salt rich in iron and minerals, precious Indio salt, mysterious lake salt accumulated naturally over 5000,000—enjoy the deliciousness of the “sweet salts” and “tasty salts” that are said to be the best match for yakitori.

Toritetsu's particularity - Soshu Benirakumi Chicken -

“Delivering safe, delicious chicken to as many customers as possible”

—Soshu Benirakumi is Toritetsu’s original chicken brand, produced by a contracted poultry farm. The approx. 70-day rearing period for Soshu Benirakumi is long compared to the approx. 55-day rearing period for ordinary broiler chickens, ensuring that the chickens are allowed to mature slowly over time.

Drug-free feed for the entire rearing period

For the duration of the rearing period, the chickens are fed drug-free feed containing absolutely no antibiotics or antimicrobial agents. Rearing methods are the same as for ordinary free-range chickens.

Delicately crunchy fleshiness

Our chicken’s greatest feature is its delicately crunchy fleshiness; even after cooking, the juices are contained in the meat, enabling you to fully savor the delicious taste. Another characteristic is the absence of the typical smell of ordinary chicken meat, which has been achieved by taking time to nurture the chickens slowly and feeding them well-balanced feed containing mainly natural ingredients and rich blessings of nature.

Toritetsu's particularity - Silkie Chicken -

Silkie chickens are the only breed of chick out of the world’s 250 chicken varieties to be regarded as “medicinal chickens”. In China, these noble chickens could only be eaten by royalty and titled nobility up until the Ming Dynasty. The meat of pure-bred Silkie chickens is especially rich in essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, as well as vitamins and minerals, and compared with ordinary chicken eggs, Silkie eggs are rich and contain approx. five times the amount of protein, providing excellent nutritional balance. Toritesu uses purebred Silkie chickens raised in Sanshisuimei-no-Sato in Kagawa Prefecture.

The Higashi-Kagawa Silkie Chicken Farm

Located in Kagawa Prefecture, this poultry farm specializes in Silkie chickens and boasts a 25-year-history as the only poultry farm specializing in highly safe purebreds. The chickens are raised in a stress-free environment that is optimal for raising Silkie chickens. Eggs from the Higashi-Kagawa Silkie Chicken Farm were used in the menu for the dinner reception for the 2008 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.